How Window Films Work

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Window films are made up of several ultra-thin layers of polyester films that are coated with fine particles of metals such as silver, stainless steel, copper, gold, titanium and chromium. Different configurations of metals are used to adjust colors and performance levels to suit the consumer's needs.

The face of the film is coated with an adhesive, and during an installation the window films are retrofitted to the interior of a glass pane. Once the adhesive has bonded with the surface, it becomes a permanent glazing on the glass surface.

Immediately after installation, you will begin to experience the benefits of window film, rejecting heat and damaging radiation, reducing glare and lowering your energy costs.

Cutting Heat & Hotspots

Percentages of radiation types causing heatHeat is primarily caused by three different types of solar radiation; infrared light, ultraviolet light, and visible light. Infrared causes about 53% of solar heat, visible light clocks in at 44%, and ultraviolet is a minimal cause of heat at only 3%.

The window film lines we carry offer up to 80% total solar energy rejection, including up to 98% infrared rejection and >99% ultraviolet rejection. The remaining culprit, visible light, is rejected by both the color and darkness of the film and it's reflectivity. For instance, Panorama's Slate 40 film has 17% visible light reflectance, and 44% visible light transmission. Though only 44% of visible light sounds rather dark, the film is actually very light.

Some of our films are also spectrally selective, which means that through the configurations of metal layers, they are designed to only block wavelengths of radiation causing heat and damage, while allowing a large portion of the natural light to penetrate, creating a luminous interior, while still providing a comfortable and temperate environment.

Stopping Fading & Damage

Though it is the largest single culprit, fading is caused not just by ultraviolet light (which most people attribute it to), but also visible light and solar heat. Window films are like a sunscreen for your windows, screening out 98-99% of ultraviolet light, and drastically reducing the other causes of fading. Window films give your valuables and possessions a greater protection against the causes of fading, increasing their lifespan and your enjoyment.

No matter what your situation is, there is such a wide range of films that we are sure to have the product that will be precisely suited to your needs, ensuring that the end result is a marked difference in the comfort of your home or workplace, a very pleasing look, and your total satisfaction.