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Glass is your weakest link

No matter what type of building you're in, whether a home, office, store or skyscraper, the glass and windows pose the biggest threat to your safety. Any event from a errant baseball, hurricane, a break-in, or a terrorist attack can cause dangerous glass shards flying, causing property damage, injuries or worse.

ArmorCoatYachad Window Films is a certified dealer of Armorcoat® safety and security films, the leading security window film in the world.

Made by Bekaert Specialty Films®, Armorcoat is a thick, optically clear barrier film that bonds to the inside of windows, reinforcing glass and helping to hold it safely in place upon impact, even if totally shattered. Armorcoat has met impact requirements for some of the most stringent tests in the industry and has been field tested for over 20 years.

How It Works

Armorcoat is made from the highest quality materials such as high-tensile polyester and super-strong mounting adhesives, layered to create an incredibly tough 4 to 14 mil thick film.

Applied to the interior of a window, it acts as a flexible barrier that absorbs impact while holding the glass in place. For situations that require the highest degree of glass breakage protection, an attachment system can be installed that secures the film to the actual frame of the window, providing a much greater degree of strength and security.

Theft & Crime

When your business has suffered a break-in, you lose more than product, time and money; you feel violated, and you lose your sense of security and safety. Let us help you keep or regain your security!

Armorcoat helps stop vandalism damage and crimes such as smash-and-grab burglaries and break-ins. Just having the small Armorcoat sticker on your windows is often enough to deter criminals from even attempting to try a break-in. With thicknesses up to 14 mil and optional attachment systems, Armorcoat will prove more than a match for even the most determined criminals. Even once your window has been shattered, Armorcoat will continue to hold fast, barring entry and protecting your merchandise and property.

Armorcoat Solar Control Films

Standard clear Armorcoat films offer security and safety, and block nearly 100% of damaging ultraviolet light. But Armorcoat also offers solar security films that not only protect your property from accidental or violent damage, they also reject damaging and heat-causing radiation, blocking up to 80% of the total solar energy (Armorcoat 4 Mil Solar Bronze).

Armorcoat Solar Control Films provide a total solution to your needs for safety, security, solar damage, heat and energy efficiency. Let Yachad Window Films help you feel safe. Call us today at (800) 553-8468 to set up a free consulation and estimate.