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Solar Control Films We Carry

Solar Control window films work by absorbing or reflecting heat, visible light and invisible ultraviolet radiation. This is accomplished by utilizing layers of optically transparent polyester films that are coated with metals or ceramics and laminated together with special UV-absorbing adhesives and topped with a scratch-resistant coating. These products vary greatly in appearance, performance and in the way that they accomplish their objectives.

Metalized Window Films

Conventional metalized window films utilize polyester films coated with copper, bronze, aluminum, stainless steel, nickel-chromium and other common metals or metal oxides. Sometimes dyed polyester layers are added to produce a variety of different colors. Other metalized films are manufactured "dye-free", utilizing a process called "sputtering" to stack different metals into "spectrally selective" layers to produce specific shades and performance characteristics. These products can be very effective at rejecting high amounts of heat...In fact, the highest available heat rejection is though conventional metalized films. Generally speaking, the higher heat rejecting conventional metalized films will feature a substantially shiny or dark appearance.

The only down side to conventional metalized films is their tendency to corrode in hostile environments, like coastal areas (within 50 miles of salt water), or certain industrial conditions (i.e. wastewater treatment or chemical manufacturing facilities). Edge-sealing these films with a silicone sealant after the film dry-in period (30 days) can significantly reduce corrosion, though it increases installation costs.

Warranty coverage period for conventional metalized films runs from 7-15 years for commercial applications. Residential applications typically enjoy a limited lifetime warranty which protects the original purchaser for as long as they own the home.

Ceramic Window Films

Ceramic window films are unique to the market. They're made like conventional metalized films, but they're completely non-metallic and dye-free, so there is nothing to corrode or fade. The ceramic films currently available don't reject as much heat as the very best of the conventional metalized films, but they feature a very subtle, very low reflectance appearance. The lighter versions are virtually undetectable on the glass.

Ceramic films are becoming very popular with commercial retailers who want to display merchandise in their storefront windows where shoppers can easily see it, while still protecting their products from damaging heat and ultraviolet light. The extremely low reflectivity and subtle coloration make ceramic films perfect for display applications. Commercial limited warranty coverage period is 15 years.

Homeowners as well have realized the benefits of ceramic films in terms of fade and glare reduction and heat rejection, combined with a nearly invisible appearance. Residential warranty coverage is limited lifetime to the original purchaser for as long as they own the home.

The industrial sector has also taken note of ceramic film performance for hostile/corrosive environments, since there is no need to edge-seal them. We are told that the U.S. Coast Guard has been installing ceramic films on boats, ships, helicopters and other aircraft for glare and heat reduction without corrosion concerns.

Precious Metal Technology

Precious metal technology window films are the ultimate combination of high performance with subtle appearance. These products incorporate gold, silver and inconel for the unique properties that these metals impart. For example, gold is highly corrosion-resistant…sThat's why gold electrical contacts are used for critical applications, like impact sensors to trigger airbag deployment in automobiles. Gold can be applied so thin that it is transparent, yet still rejects over 95% of invisible infrared radiation—which is the largest component of heat. (See: Components of Heat). Precious metal films that feature 35% visible light transmission and up to 70% heat rejection (98% infrared rejection), with only 12% visible light reflectance on both the interior and exterior (vs. 8-10% for bare glass) are available. Conventional metalized films that feature 70% heat rejection are typically 2-3 times more reflective on the outside and only allow 20-25% visible light transmission.

Limited commercial warranty coverage period is 15 years; residential limited coverage is lifetime, for as long as the original purchaser owns the home.

Benefits of Solar Control Window Films

There are several benefits provided by architectural window films; these include:

  • Reduces solar heat gain
  • Reduced radiant heat loss
  • Reduced glare
  • Reduction in fading of interior furnishings
  • Daytime privacy
  • Increased living comfort
  • Protection against skin cancer
  • Provides shatter resistance
  • Balances hot/cold spots
  • Provides more uniform exterior appearance

Solar control window films typically absorb, reflect and transmit varying percentages of solar heat, depending on the method and of what materials they are constructed.

Solar Control Window Films We Carry

Hüper Optik® is a German company that produces high-performance window films with typical Teutonic precision. Their unique films combine high heat rejection and low reflectivity to preserve the look of natural glass. Truly the "best of the best", Hüper offers three distinct product lines: the incredible Klasse series, the unique Ceramic series and the workhorse Traditional series.

The Klasse series is comprised of two films; Sech and Drei. These films utilize precious metals technology to reject enormous amounts of infrared radiation (the major component of heat) while providing very high visible light transmission combined with subtle appearance. How subtle? Hüper's Sech transmits 59% of the visible light while rejecting 54% of the incident total solar energy, with only 8% visible light reflectance. The reflectivity of bare glass is only 8-10%...Sech is virtually invisible on the window! Hüper's Drei is even more impressive. This incredible film rejects 70% of the incident TSE (including 98% of infrared radiation) and transmits 35% of the visible light, with only 12% VLR. By comparison, conventional metalized films that achieve this level of heat rejection are typically 2-3 times more reflective (read: mirror-shiny). Additionally, the extremely low reflectance of these Hüper Optik Klasse films provides unparalleled, uninhibited nighttime views.

Hüper Optik's Ceramic series films are available in four variations, with visible light transmission ratings ranging from 34-59% and VLR ratings from 8-11%. The appearance of the Ceramic-60 closely approximates that of their Klasse Sech, while Ceramic-30 replicates the appearance of their Klasse Drei, with Ceramic-50 and Ceramic-40 in between.

These Ceramic films feature lower heat rejection than the Klasse series, but they're available at lower cost, which makes them more attractive for commercial as well as residential applications. Retail merchandisers really appreciate the extremely low reflectivity and subtle shades of the Ceramic series to simultaneously showcase and protect their merchandise.

Hüper's Ceramic series films are dye-free and non-corrosive, making them THE choice for coastal applications (within 50 miles of saltwater) and for hostile, chemical-laden industrial environments. In fact, the U.S. Coast Guard has deployed ceramic films on ships and aircraft as an effective heat and glare reducer, without concern for corrosion.

Hüper Optik's Traditional series conventional metalized window films are available in 20, 30 and 40 series and feature excellent heat rejection, along with the industry's best commercial warranty. At 15 years of coverage, Hüper Optik backs their products up to 20-100% longer than their competition.

For more information on Hüper Optik films, visit Hüper Optik's website.

Panorama Designer Films offers perhaps the most attractive and certainly the highest quality conventional metalized window films in the industry. All Panorama window films are 100% sputter-metalized for precise control of performance and aesthetics, and all are approved for installation on IG units. Offered by Bekaert Specialty Films, they're backed by a 12-year limited commercial/limited lifetime residential warranty, which includes 5-year limited glass breakage and 3-year IG seal failure coverage.

Panorama's Sterling series designer window films are spectrally selective and virtually invisible, combining high visible light transmission with high heat rejection. Special, thicker safety versions of the Sterling series films offer enhanced protection with the same solar control capabilities and appearance.

Panorama's Slate and Bronze window films feature dual-reflective technology which results in substantially reduced interior and lower exterior visible light reflectance and a more neutral appearance. For example, Panorama's Slate-10 features 80% TSER, with 48% exterior VLR and only 22% interior VLR...This is incredible heat rejection for a film that you can still see out through at night. These hansom Slate and Bronze films provide industry-leading heat rejection with improved aesthetics and several are available in 4-mil and 8-mil thick safety/security versions.

Yachad Window Films is the exclusive Panorama Designer and Safety Films Dealer for the Mid-South.

For more information on Panorama Designer Films, please visit Panorama's website.

Sunscape Select window films are another exclusive product offering for Yachad Window Films in the Mid-South. These very attractive films are available in light, medium and ultra light designer shades, including neutral Designer Gray, Soft Bronze and dual-reflective Starlite. The Designer Gray films are also available in 4-mil safety and 8-mil security versions.

The Sunscape Select line is designed to provide abundant natural light, while your protecting interior from the sun's harmful radiation.

For more information on Sunscape Select films, visit Sunscape's website.

Made by Bekaert Specialty Films, Solar Gard window films are high-quality and high performance films which provide very cost-effective solutions to heat, glare, fading and safety concerns. Available in different film series encompassing a variety of colors and shades, along with 4-mil to 10-mil safety and security versions, there is sure to be a Solar Gard film to suit your needs.

Solar Gard's Stainless Steel series are grey-toned with lower interior and exterior VLR, which naturally complement most color schemes. The lighter SS-50 and SS-35 are pre-approved for IG units. These are durable, high performance films which will provide yeoman service for many years.

The Solar Bronze series imparts a warm shade which compliments natural earth-tones. These spectrally selective films feature are over-achievers, combining very high VLT with very high TSER. Solar Bronze films are perfect where both high heat rejection and a lot of natural light are desired. They're also available in a 4-mil and 8-mil safety/security versions. (click here to see video of 4-mil Solar Bronze in action, defeating an attempted break-in at a Mid-South business)

Solar Gard's Aluminum series is unique as its the only sputtered aluminum film in the industry. Sputtering produces a product with superior optical clarity, compared to conventional vapor-coated films. Solar Gard's aluminum series encompasses a variety of colors and shades. Solar Gard's Silver-20 aluminum film was recently chosen by the design department at the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital for retrofit on their Barry Longinotti building.

Solar Gard also offers a line of Specialty films to answer privacy and issues, including Black or White Opaque films, a variety of Frost and Etch obscure films and various patterned designs.

For more information on Solar Gard products, visit Solar Gard's website.