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Excessive Heat is Burning Up Your Bottom Line!

Your building is perfectly suited to your business; The modern architecture and large windows portray that ultra-professional and cutting-edge image for your company; the office space offers an ideal work environment for your employees and your patrons to collaborate effectively together. But you've noticed that your energy costs are less than desirable, and it's still difficult to maintain the proper temperate environment for your people.


At Yachad Window Films we understand how important it is to protect your bottom line, and we know how your energy consumption can eat into it, especially in large commercial situations. Finding the balance between your energy savings and workplace comfort can be difficult to say the least.

The causes of heatInfrared, ultraviolet and visible light radiation stream through your windows causing solar heat and glare. Common 'solutions' to this problem are curtains, shades and blinds, which do not cut much heat, block too much of the desirable natural light and cause an uneven and disorderly appearance especially from the exterior of your building.

A truly cost-effective solution to your energy problems is window film. Yachad Window Films carries window films that will drastically reduce your energy load and can help save you literally thousands of valuable profit dollars every year.

One installation of Panorama Sterling 50 film on a commercial skyscraper in San Francisco enabled their building management to shut down an entire chiller unit in the middle of the summer. And a residential job we have recently completed has seen a drop of 25% in their energy bill since they installed their film.

Window films are a very smart improvement for your building, able to pay for itself quickly and then continuing to save your profits. And energy savings are not the only benefits; keep the desirable natural sunlight that accents and compliments your building, while increasing your employee and customer comfort and cutting out glare.

Workplace Comfort

Along with energy savings window film is also very cost-effective way to increase employee and customer. Especially in patron-driven businesses such as restaurants and stores, an uncomfortable environment will drive away your valued customers. It also diminishes employee productivity and morale.

Window films increase your employee's comfort and productivity by cutting down on uncomfortable glare (which can make computer screens almost impossible to see), lowering the heat and eliminating hot-spots. Interior temperatures have been known to drop 7-15 degrees immediately after installations.

Plus, by rejecting the heat, you will increase your energy efficiency, which translates directly into your bottom line.

Solve your problems by letting Yachad Window Films retrofit your windows with a state-of-the-art window film to cut down on glare, reduce product fading, drastically reduce heat and increase energy efficiency. Our lines of window films are engineered to provide all of these benefits, while giving your location a beautiful, uniform appearance. Don't rely on window shades, blinds, or curtains which are not efficient, are expensive to maintain, and diminish the beauty of your windows.

Windows are made to let light illuminate the interior while providing a view outside. Don't cover them up! Help your windows do what they were designed to do, letting beautifully natural light in while rejecting up to 80% of the total solar energy, including the harmful and heat-causing ultraviolet light and infrared light.

Call us today at (800) 553-8468 to schedule a free consultation and estimate for your workplace. With the expansive selection of films we carry, we have the perfect solution to fit your needs.