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Heat & Hotspots

You have a lovely living room with expansive windows overlooking a scenic landscape. You would love to just relax and enjoy the view during the day, but the sunlight coming through the windows makes your living room almost unbearably hot. Also, on a sunny day, the glare coming through the windows is too bright to be enjoyable. You have tried to combat the heat problem by adjusting your air conditioning system, but this only helps so much, and it both makes the rest of the house too cool and jacks your energy bill up substantially.

What you are experiencing is due to the fact that windows are simply one of the primary enemies of your home's comfort and efficiency. They can account for up to 70% of your air conditioner's cooling load and up to 40% of your heating load.

Percentages of radiation types causing heatHeat is caused by a few different types of solar radiation; infrared light, ultraviolet light, and visible light. Infrared causes about 53% of solar heat, visible light clocks in at 44%, and ultraviolet is a minimal cause of heat at only 3%.


Installing solar control window film is a fantastic solution to the common problem of excess heat and/or heatspots. The window film product lines that Yachad Window Films carries are engineered not only increase the beauty of your home, but to provide incredible solar heat rejection and to dramatically cut down on glare.

Some of our window films will reject up to 70% total solar energy, including the solar radiation that cause fading and damage of your furnishings and valuables, skin cancer, and heat.


You have noticed that your curtains have begun to fade from the harsh sunlight streaming into your well-lit rooms. Is your furniture and possessions being likewise affected?

In all probability, the answer is yes.

There are a number of misconceptions about the causes of fading and how to prevent it; Most people associate fading with ultraviolet rays, and they are correct. Ultraviolet radiation is the single greatest culprit behind fading. Presented with a window film product that features 98% - 99% UV rejection, one could easily assume that installing this window film would virtually eliminate fading from their home or business.

However, ultraviolet only contributes about 40% to the fading problem. Visible light contributes 25% and heat contributes another 25%. Taken together, heat and visible light comprise a full 50% of the fading problem!


Window films can address all of these areas in varying degrees, but the remaining 10% of fading causes are not affected by window film. These include; type of fabric, dye-fastness, humidity, artificial light sources, environmental air quality, and other factors.

As you can see, window films cannot completely eliminate fading. However, window films can provide significant protection from fading due to UV, heat and visible light and thereby increase the usable life of your interior furnishings.

Solar window film is becoming one of the fastest growing home improvement products around, because smart homeowners are finding that the benefits in appearance, heat reduction, safety and energy savings make window films a very smart and cost-effective investment for their homes.

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